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1. Quiche Me Once

Bacon, spinach & cheddar quiche


Pea & asparagus bisque


Chocolate raspberry cake

Suggested Pairings


White Zinfandel

Pom Mimosa

Pork BBQ cornbread bites


Black-eyed pea, bacon & barley salad

Sweet tea peach cobbler

Suggested Pairings

Amber Lager


Mint Julep

2. Magnolias & Moonlight
3. Fiesta Feast

Turkey chili dip with blue corn chips

Black bean tortilla spirals with avocado sauce


Tequila Sunrise citrus cake

Suggested Pairings


Pinot Grigio


Lobster roll canapes

Corn chowder

Blueberry muffin bites


Suggested Pairings


Sauvignon Blanc


4. Maine Event

5. Roman Holiday

Meatballs & marinara

Hail Caesar artichoke

pasta salad

Limoncello Cake

Suggested Pairings

Summer Ale


Espresso Martini

Hemingway salmon canapes

Herbed tomato vinaigrette salad

Key lime cheesecake

Suggested Pairings

Pale Ale



6. Key West Fest
Drinks Menu
Food Menu
7. Under the Boardwalk

Seasoned shrimp & cocktail sauce

Seashells pasta salad

Blue raspberry parfait

Suggested Pairings


Pinot Grigio


Roast beef cheddar roll with horseradish sauce

Cucumber rye tea sandwiches

Berry marmalade trifles


Suggested Pairings

Brown Ale

Pinot Noir

Gin & Tonic

8. London Calling
9. Tea in the Sahara

Spicy chicken olive skewers

Hummus platter

Date & pistachio cookie

Suggested Pairings

India Pale Ale


Pimm's Tea

Herb roasted pork

Pissaladiere, onion, & olive flatbread

Chocolate lavender cookies


Suggested Pairings



Blackberry Smash

10. Perfectly Provence
We offer an additional menu
option each month to
highlight seasonal
flavors or holidays.
Check out this month's
special menu HERE.
Our food is prepared using
fresh ingredients, locally
sourced whenever possible.
Our thanks to:
Danenhower Apiaries
B.A.D. Farm
Wanamaker's General Store
County Line Orchard
Heckenberger's Seafood
The Nesting Box
Red Earth Farm
and Angela Corrado 'cause
she's awesome.
*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

Fresh Homemade Lemonade

Unsweetened Brewed Iced Tea (Pekoe or green)

Juices- Orange, Grapefruit, Pom, Cranberry, Tomato

Sodas- Club, Tonic, Ginger, 7-UP, Coke, Diet, Birch

Mixer combos for your signature event cocktail 

(Margarita, bloody mary, sangria or customize with us. We're bartenders. We know things.)

Coffee, Hot Tea, Herbal Tea Assortment 

Any accompanying beverage or cocktail garnishes (citrus, olive, cherry, celery, mint, cream, etc.) are included.

Our themed appetizer menus each include 3 different tasting options. Amounts allow each guest to have a few bites of each option. Suggested drink pairings are below each menu. Review the menus below, then select your favorite option on your booking form.


Each event includes water (stay hydrated) with lemon, cucumber, or mint and one non-alcoholic beverage from the list below. Consider "making it a mixer" by selecting a beverage from below that complements your alcohol of choice.

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